Gateway School-Based Health Center
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What is the Gateway School-Based Health Center?

The Gateway Regional Middle School and High School have a Health Center that provides students with easy access to quality health care. The Health Center is open during school hours Monday - Friday 7:30am - 3:00pm.

Services Include:

• Immunizations      
• Physical Exams
• Emergency Care

• Pregnancy, STD, Strep and Urine testing is available when appropriate

A licensed nutritionist is available for guidance in helping you in planning and reaching your health goals.

A Community Health Worker (CHW) will assist the School-Based Health Center staff with continuing, follow-up and support for student patients who are pro-actively working on goals to improve their health. The CHW will also work with students and their families to connect with services like S.N.A.P., the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program formerly called Food Stamps, Masshealth, fuel assistance and other area programs.

Care is provided by a Nurse Practitioner working with a Physician from Hilltown Community Health Centers, Inc. A licensed counselor provides individual, group, and family counseling at the Health Center.

How does the School-Based Health Center Work?

Your child can be enrolled in the School-Based Health Center and be seen by our providers without leaving their primary care provider. If your child’s primary care provider is not affiliated with the Huntington or Worthington Health Centers we will work with your child’s physician to coordinate medical care.

To enroll in the School-Based Health Center, parents, legal gardians, students over 18 years old, or emancipated students must complete the Mass Department of Public Health School-Based Health Centers Enrollment form, the Consent to Treat and Disclose Information form and the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) form. These forms can be brought in or mailed to the School-Based Health Center, 12 Littleville Road, Huntington, MA 01050. The consent and registration will remain in effect as long as your child is a student in the Gateway Regional School District or until it is rescinded in writing. Re-enrollment in the School-Based Health Center and renewal of consent are not necessary.

Enrolled students may schedule appointments by dropping in during business hours. Appointments may also be scheduled by calling the administrative assistant. Parents and guardians are not required to be present for appointments but they are welcome to come with their child and are invited to be present during their child’s annual routine exam.

We will bill insurance companies to help fund the Health Center. We can also help families find out about medical insurance coverage for all children in Massachusetts. Financial assistance is available. No student will be denied service for inability to pay.

The Gateway School-Based Health Center will adhere to all Massachusetts laws including those related to confidentiality of medical services. We will continue to work to bring innovative programs to the Gateway Community through funding from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and special grants.
Gateway School-Based Health Center Staff
•  Jessica Twombly, Family Nurse Practitioner
•  Suzanne Kresiak, LICSW
•  Rachel Keim, Licensed Nutritionist
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• First Aid
• Prescriptions
• Mental Health Counseling
• Sport Physicals
• Nutrition Counseling
• Treatment of Illnesses
73 Russell Rd.
Huntington MA 01050
P: 413-667-3009
F: 413-667-8746
E-fax: 413-923-9355

58 Old North Rd.
Worthington, MA 01098
P: 413-238-5511
F: 413-238-5358
E-fax: 413-923-9355

9 Russell Road, Route 20 Huntington MA 01050
P: 413-667-2203
F: 413-667-2225

Gateway Regional Middle/High School
12 Littleville Road
Huntington, MA 01050
P: 413-667-0142
F: 413-667-0145

Arm yourself against the flu…get your flu vaccination!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website significant increases in flu activity in the U.S. in the last two weeks indicate that an early flu season is underway. The CDC urges you and your child to get a flu vaccine if you have not done so already this season. Your Gateway student can get vaccinated at the Gateway School-Based Health. Flu vaccinations are also available to Gateway staff for a minimal fee.


Please download the:

(1) Flu Information sheets,

(2) Appropriate Vaccination Consent Form (Child or Adult),

(3) Privacy Acknowledgement Form, and the

(4) Consent to Treat Form

Read the Flu Information Sheets and complete the Vaccination Consent Form, Privacy Acknowledgement form and the Consent to Treat orm.You/your child may drop it off at the School-Based Health Center and we will schedule an appointment for you/them as soon as possible.
After Hours Coverage
For medical and dental, call 413-667-3009 after normal business hours, holidays, or weekends. We always have one of our doctors and dentists on call for emergencies.

For behavioral health:

Mass Health patients, call Behavioral Health Network 413-733-6661

For non-Mass Health patients, call the Carson Center 413-568-1421

Forms to Download
No one will be denied services due to inability to pay or for any other reason (race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, or sexual orientation).