HCHC Nutritionist Visits First Graders at Littleville Elementary

Hilltown Community Health CenterNews

Joanna Martin, Nutritionist for Hilltown Community Health Center and Gateway School-Based Health Center visited Ms. Bak’s and Ms. Moriarty’s 1st grade classroom on Thursday April 27 at Littleville Elementary school where she discussed healthy snack choices with students. She demonstrated that fruits and vegetables and even grains can come in different fun colors such as purple cauliflower, purple potatoes or orange cauliflower. The students also participated in a game where students could take turns picking food cards that were placed upside down on the table, and then matching them to the correct spaces or food groups outlined on the plate, for example dairy, veggies, fruits, grains, and meats. Some of the materials were donated by the New England Dairy council. Each student was given a placemat containing games and a sticker.