Hilltown Social Services a Designated Site for Federal Fuel Assistance Applications

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Recertification applications for federal fuel assistance for residents of Hampshire and Hampden Counties have been arriving in mailboxes for several weeks. For people who heat with electricity and/or have heat included in rent, the recertification applications will be out later in the fall. The recertification application, with the information provided last year by the recipient, should be reviewed in detail when it arrives. Any and all changes should be written on the recertification application. If you received federal fuel assistance within the las two years and you do not receive a recertification application the applicant should contact the approving agency. For Hampshire County residents that agency is Community Action (413) 774-2310; Hampden County residents should call Valley Opportunity Council at (413) 552-1545. Every household member over eighteen years of age is required to put their signature on the back of the application. Copies of all verifications should be returned with the recertification application. If you are an applicant from Hampden County the agency that reviews your application and makes awards is Valley Opportunity Council, 300 High St., Holyoke 01040, (413) 552-1545; for people living in Hampshire County the agency is Community Action! PO Box1432, Greenfield 01302, (413) 774-2310.

Fuel assistance applications for area residents who are new to the program or residents who did not receive fuel assistance in the last two years are now available. New applicants must go to a designated site for assistance with the application. Hilltown Social Services is a designated site for both Hampden and Hampshire County fuel assistance applications and can also help with recertification applications. Several verifications are required with the application. Single residents with an income up to $33,126 may be eligible for fuel assistance; a household of four may also be eligible with income up to $63,704.

Hilltown Social Services, a program of Hilltown Community Health Centers, Inc. is located at 9 Russell Road, Huntington. Call Diane or John at 413-667-2203 for an appointment.