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Free Huntington Music Series-Family Center Bake Sale July 25th

The Huntington Music Series will be hosting the free Thursday night concerts on the Huntington town green. This a great family event to head down to on a Thursday night.  On July 25th, there is a special Children’s Performance by Jon O’Neill.  The Huntington Recreation Committee has generously offered the Family Center, the opportunity to do the Bake Sale that night.  HCHC uses the funds raised from the event for field trips during the year.  

The program will need support from community members to donate bake items and or donate other items for the event.  

  • Items should be individually wrapped such as a couple cookies in a bag.  (Cupcakes you don’t need to do this).
  • Items should be labeled.  (Some people have food allergies).
  • We like to also have items such as individual bags of popcorn, fruit cups (we like to have a healthy choice for families as well as those with diabetic concerns).
  • We sell small water bottles and lemonade. 
  • A couple bags of ice to keep drinks and fruit cold.

Please let Susan LeBarron, Family Center Coordinator know if you can contribute items. She will be starting a list. 

Thank you!

Susan LeBarron, Hilltown Family Center Coordinator


413-667-2203 ext. 311

We’d like your feedback!

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