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Statement from HCHC’s Board of Directors

HCHC Board Statement on Racism

The Hilltown Community Health Center is deeply committed to health equity, and stands in solidarity with all those who oppose race-based injustice.  HCHC was founded over 70 years ago to provide care to all community members. Given recent events, and in recognition of this country’s historic discrimination in the provision of health care against people of color, we pledge to be sensitive to the experience of our patients who have experienced such racism.  We pledge to redouble our efforts to address the inequities in the health care system that disproportionately affect communities of color.  The HCHC Board of Directors pledges to support our staff members and community members by creating a health care environment that is welcoming and affirming for all.

Board of Directors,  Hilltown Community Health Centers

June 18, 2020

Kate Albright -Hanna,    Huntington

Matthew Bannister,   Hadley

Nancy Brenner,  Worthington

John Follet,   Chesterfield

Alan Gaitenby,  Huntington

Jenicca Gallagher,  Belchertown

Seth Gemme,   Montgomery

Kathryn Jensen,   Plainfield

Wendy Long,   Huntington

Lee Manchester,  Chesterfield

We’d like your feedback!

We encourage your feedback regarding the care you’re receiving. Please help us make sure we’re meeting your needs and let us know what you’d like to see improved. Please take a minute to share your experiences at HCHC.

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